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A procedure performed to reshape or reposition the ears, the otoplasty is an ideal procedure to undergo for those who are self-conscious about the size, shape or positioning of their ears.

What is a Otoplasty?

The otoplasty – also known as ear-pinning or a pinnaplasty – is a procedure that involves making a small incision behind the ears, and reshaping/repositioning the ear into the desired shape or position. Many opt to undergo this procedure should they feel that their ears are asymmetrical, too prominent, stick out or are misshapen, due to either a birth defect or trauma to the ears. The procedure is known as an effective means of restoring overall confidence – especially if one has anxiety surrounding the appearance of the ears.


At a glance

Surgery time

45 min

Reasonable mobility

After few hours

Hospital stay

day treatment


4 - 6 weeks




After 1 day

Removing stitches



on back for 2 - 4 weeks

Full recovery

After 4 - 6 months


After 24 - 48 hrs


After 1 week

Meet our medical director

Dr John Skevofilax M.D. M.Sc. 

Dr. John is a dual-specialised surgeon in Orthopaedics and Plastics. He has over 15 years experience working in over 4 different countries. Working in several private clinics in Athens, he established himself among the elite surgeons of Athens, treating many well known V.I.P.s living in Greece. In the UK he has worked in both fields, in various hospitals in London and Oxford.

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