Marionette Line Filler

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Marionette line fillers see filler being injected into the marionette lines beneath the mouth and on the chin in a bid to create a more youthful appearance and lessen the appearance of ageing.

Marionette Line Filler explained

Fillers are used to treating the lines which can develop at the corners of the mouth, running down towards the chin. Marionette lines can create a sad expression making the face look older and more tired. This treatment helps to rejuvenate the facial expression, smoothing the skin and restoring volume.

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Zara Metcalf

Zara has over 8 years worth of experience in injectables and is one of Leeds’ top Aesthetic Practitioners and Trainers.
She is the founder of one of the leading cosmetics clinics in Yorkshire, which boasts over 700 5-star reviews, and has also founded the Skin Studio in Accra, Ghana.
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