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A unique injectable hyaluronic acid gel, the Profhilo Skin Booster restores firmness, hydration and elasticity to the face, giving a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Skin Booster: Profhilo explained

The Profhilo Skin Booster has a dramatic effect, enhancing skin texture, hydration and radiance. The treatment restores firmness and elasticity, making skin feel softer and more youthful. As we age, skin loses natural volume with fine lines and wrinkles beginning to appear. Profhilo is a unique injectable hyaluronic acid gel. It stimulates production of collagen and elastin, working from beneath the surface of the skin to deliver deep hydration.

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Meet our Aesthetics Director

Zara Metcalf

Zara has over 8 years worth of experience in injectables and is one of Leeds’ top Aesthetic Practitioners and Trainers.
She is the founder of one of the leading cosmetics clinics in Yorkshire, which boasts over 700 5-star reviews, and has also founded the Skin Studio in Accra, Ghana.
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